Why Buy When You Can Rent?

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1. Do you allow overnight equipment rentals?

We do allow rentals overnight. Equipment rented Monday-Saturday before closing may be rented 24 hours for the day charge. Some pieces of equipment have use (hour meter) restrictions; speak to a rental specialist for details.

2. Do you charge for weekends & holidays?

We charge for all time out. Save time and money by returning equipment promptly. Call for rate and drop off details for rentals over days we are closed.

3. Can I reserve equipment?

We do take reservations. If you know the day, pick up time, and length of time you would like to rent the equipment, call the location nearest to you and ask about availability.

4. Do you deliver equipment?

We offer delivery service to most areas. Call your local store for delivery pricing.

5. Why should I rent, rather than buy equipment?

By renting, you get the right equipment for each job, instead of purchasing equipment and trying to make it work on tasks for which it wasn't designed. You get professional quality equipment at do-it-yourself prices. You don't incur the high cost of buying equipment that will not be used the majority of the year, and you don't have to find a place to store equipment when not in use. Also, you do not have the cost of maintaining equipment or the lost time due to break down.